Engineering Team

  • System design – Bojko Vodanovic
  • Optics – Ian Powell, PhD
  • Mechanical – George Arsic
  • Electrical/ Electronics – sub-contractors
  • Software – Emmanuel Jolis (JVB Vision)
  • Support in Asia (Taiwan) – sub-contractors

江西快三彩票app下载All team members have 10, or more years of experience in designing, building and supporting capital equipment for both electronics and semiconductor manufacturing.


  • Specialty optics – Canada (prototypes), Taiwan (volume)
  • Mechanical – Canada and US (prototypes), Asia OEMs
  • Automation, material handling – OEMs in Korea and Taiwan
  • Electronics– Canada, subcontractors & OEMs
  • Electrical – Montreal, subcontractors & OEMs

Installation & Commissioning

Engineering design team support installations at both OEM and End User.

Support & Spare Parts

Support and spare parts stock are principally based in Montreal unless specifically contracted