Auto-focus microscope, MEMS Metrology, automation
Auto-focus MEMS inspection microscope

XYZ Autofocus Metrology Microscopes

Full capability to design, manufacture and install microscope based metrology and inspection system including material handling for MEMS and/or semiconductor applications

  • Infinity corrected objectives
  • On axis top and bottom strobe LED lighting
  • In tray inspection
  • 4M pixel, 160 FPS camera, or better
  • High speed processing
  • LED strobe lighting, collimating optics and controllers

Anamorphic objective, wafer scanner, micro- bumps
3D anamorphic wafer scanner objective

3D Anamorphic Imaging Lenses

江西快三彩票app下载Our family of 3D lenses has a wide range of inspection and metrology applications for semiconductors and electronics from BGA substrates to microbumps on silicon interposers. These lenses are tuned for laser triangulation applications and have higher magnification in vertical axis allowing much better height measuring performance, while keeping lower magnification in horizontal axis increasing field of view thus the speed.


3D camera lens, wafer scanner, microbumps
3D camera tube lens

Wafer scanner, Laser triangulation line projector
Wafer scanner, Laser triangulation line projector

Lasers & Line Projections Optics

We typically integrate laser products with our custom collimators and high NA line projector lenses. Applications of these lenses are 3D laser triangulation for semiconductor and electronics applications. High resolution thin laser line is ideal for wafer μbumps scanning allowing sub-micron accuracy and repeatability.

laser spec

Thin laser line, laser triangulation, Wafer scanner



Laser line projector optics, wafer scanner
Laser line projector optics

Wafer bumps: Laser triangulation images and processing

3D camera, laser triangulation

江西快三彩票app下载3D high speed camera capable of over 2.2G pixels per second



High Speed 3D Camera and Processing

Custom firmware 4M pixel camera could run at over 30,000 FPS and over 2.2GB data rates for typical laser triangulation applications for semiconductor industry. Individually programmable windows allow for independent exposures. Images are transferred via CoaxExpress link to PC memory. Acquired images are processed with subpixel precision in real time on GPU.  These sophisticated algorithms allow both high accuracy and repeatability of results. 

江西快三彩票app下载For high precision, high magnification application, camera - lens boresight can be adjusted as well as the camera alignment with scanning axes in object space within few pixels.



Programmable LED strobe driver


Microscope LED strobe light

Custom LED strobe lighting design and integration with our partner's, , strobe drivers.


Boreal Vision Solution LED strobe light